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Extinguishing agents
Typical applications are: 
flammable liquid stores
hangars, etc.

Can be used in occupied and unoccupied areas
Rapid flame extinguishing
Boundary cooling effect
Easy to refill system
Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
Established technology

Can cause some water damage
Cannot be used for certain risks including live electrical equipment, or any risk that would react violently with water
Dry powder is a highly versatile Class A, B & C fire-fighting medium suitable for most risks. In addition to dealing with electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases, powder is also effective for vehicle fires.
Inert Gases
Industrial systems using powder are commonly installed to protect painting/varnishing rooms, pumps and other industrial equipment. The majority of this type of system use chemical powders, ABC or generic powders.

Industrial powder systems are often combined with different kinds of fire and heat detectors, optical flame detectors or smoke detectors.
Co2 - Carbon Dioxide
CO2 systems have been a standard for many decades and are still preferred today for many applications. There are many fields in which the use of CO2 is preferable to other agents. For example: in cisterns, in industrial plants where fuels are poured, pump and motor rooms. Systems of local application are also common in the marine sector, above all in motor rooms. Total flux and low pressure systems are prevalent in the steel industry, in large printing-works, and in other applications where a large quantity of extinguishing agent is necessary.
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