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HFC 227 (FE-227) fire suppression systems
HFC 227 is a clean agent fire extinguishant used as a flooding agent to help protect assets including data and data processing equipment in the event of a fire. 

FE-227 (HFC-227) is a fire extinguishing replacement for Halon 1301 in total flooding applications. Known as heptafluoropropane or HFC-227ea, FE-227 (HFC-227) is the most widely used clean agent replacement for Halon 1301 globally.

Protecting What Matters Most with FE-227 (HFC-227) HFC-227ea is the leading chemical agent replacement for Halon 1301 in the special hazards suppression market, globally. It has been preferentially selected by the market due to its unique combination of efficiency, cost, environmental properties, people safety, and its ability to prevent or extinguish fires. For a system installation in an existing or new facility, FE-227 (HFC-227) is the Halon 1301 replacement agent of choice.

FE-227 (HFC-227) is:
safe for people 
a clean agent that does not leave a residue 
electrically nonconductive and noncorrosive 
an environmentally preferred alternative to Halon with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
FE-227 (HFC-227) is safe for use in applications where people are normally present (normally occupied spaces) for both Class-A and Class-B fire assets. FE-227 (HFC-227) is intended to prevent or extinguish fires in situations where conventional extinguishing agents such as water, dry chemical, and carbon dioxide are unacceptable because they may cause collateral damage, significantly interrupt business productivity, or present a safety risk. These situations exist primarily where there is electrical or sensitive electronic equipment servicing a critical operation, the loss of which would not only be the value of the equipment but also the cost of business interruption. Other situations involve delicate or irreplaceable materials such as those found in museums, libraries and historical sites. 

Applications where FE-227 (HFC-227) is an excellent choice for a total flood fire suppression system also include computer rooms, telecommunication switch stations and facilities, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, data processing centers, clean rooms, and industrial process control rooms. Other examples of applications, include pleasure craft engines compartments, petrochemical facilities, chemical storage rooms, paint lockers, and other applications with hydrocarbon-based materials.
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